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As deem spencer gets into the flow of his purpose, that is being a provider, he’s cautioned by overarching worries of impending doom. The 27-year-old emcee has heard that in the next lifetime, New York City could be underwater – but even in these current tides of chaos, the native reflects and retraces his upbringing while wading towards a hopeful future on his third album, adultSW!M.

Five years into his journey, deem has elevated his craft while remaining grounded in the likelihood of being on to greater heights. Introspective in nature, deem’s abstract quality is both intrinsic and groundbreaking in the contemporary New York hip-hop landscape.

adultSW!M showcases evocative bars with worthwhile collaborations, while also making strides as a producer working alongside a few ‘flower shop’ favorites .On his latest, deem’s pensive mood hasn’t left – it’s evolved.

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