You & I

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West-London born singer-songwriter Eldana has a simple mission; to take his voice as far around the world as it can go. 

Eldana brings a new flavour to the world of contemporary R&B. He finds comfort in exploring new sonic territories, inclined to search for clues rather than follow trends. Sonically, his style has been informed by the rich sounds of 90’s/00’s pop and R&B fused with dynamism of more recent acts, citing The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Aminé as his inspirations. 

His latest offering “You & I” is his strongest yet. Set before a sonic backdrop of twinkling keys, ethereal strings, and groovy drums; the love-stricken West Londoner harks over the one that got away. A story - and a feeling - that haunts everyone. As usual his voice steals the show, gliding over the production with effortless ease accompanied by glowing, angelic backing vocals throughout.

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